Monday, June 16, 2014

two and a half


These posts are getting harder to write because there’s just so much I could say! Two has not been what I expected, but I think it’s just been a more intense version of who she already was. She’s more caring, more cautious, more curious, more structured, more sensitive, more focused. Sometimes I’m shocked at how much of myself I see in this little person, and I’m feeling the weight of helping her channel all those those traits for the best.


I expected two to come with a desire for independence, but she is a major mommy’s girl. There are always little hands around my neck, patting my leg, or helping me with whatever I’m doing. She is trying to be independent in some really great ways, like getting her snack or carrying her church bag or getting dressed.


Getting out of the house to do “fun” things has been a little more of a challenge. She seems to have suddenly realized that the world can be a scary place with kids that pull hair, cars that go fast, slides you can fall off of, and water that gets in your eyes. Helping her push through fear has been one of our biggest parenting challenges in our short time.


She loves to go shopping and out to eat. As soon as we tell her we’re going, she’ll start gathering everyone’s shoes and telling us to put baby in her seat – to make sure we’re all going. She also informs Beaker, “you stay here, Beaker!” I put my favorite shoes on the bottom of my shoe organizer, so I can just tell her what color to get. She really doesn’t beg for things, or even whine about opening food. We just started letting her push a cart in the grocery store and it’s probably the highlight of her week. The second time we went, I turned around after picking out some bananas to see her slow-motion putting some Nilla Wafers in her cart. I was laughing too hard to tell her to put them back!


She will get excited about almost any toy, though she’s very selective about dress up (and still doesn’t want her nails painted!). She wants to know how things work and loves tools and vehicles. We bought a pass to our science center and it’s awesome to watch her squeal and laugh there.


She sings all the time, and I don’t know that I can say she has a favorite song right now. If she’s eating honey she sings Winnie-the-Pooh. If it’s raining she sings Itsy Bitsy Spider. If she sees farm animals she sings Old MacDonald. She’s always singing the Leap Frog letter song – that might be her favorite. Maybe just because there are letters everywhere. We went to story time at the library for the first time last week. I was surprised that she did mostly listen to the story and was bursting with pride about how well she participated with the music. She swung her little hips and concentrated on every motion. She was so excited to bring home some books, and I’m a little nervous about taking them back!


I don’t know that I could choose a favorite book either, though she likes anything with animals. She likes to carry around her Mr. Men books, and Mr. Greedy has always been the favorite. I don’t know if I wrote about this before, but because of the Mr. Men books, she often puts “Mr.” before any book character. Mr. dog, Mr. Jesus, Mr. princess, Mr. bunny. She’s in a pretty good sitting and listening phase at the moment. I can usually get through a longish book before nap and bed.


I’m a little sad to say that Elmo has been dethroned. She will still watch Sesame Street and George, especially if she’s not feeling well, but she has discovered the wonderful world of Disney. The reigning character in our house is now Winnie the Pooh, with Mickey Mouse in a close second. She’s not princess obsessed (yet?), but she does love Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle. She loves to dance and sing with the Disney Junior shows, and she will laugh and laugh at Tigger. She also likes Bob the Builder, Veggie Tales, and a DVD we have of old Disney cartoons – particularly the Three Little Pigs. She gets really excited about villains, which is hilarious to me: the big bad wolf, Captain Hook (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), giant pickle (Veggie Tales), “scary dragons” (I have no idea??), and the Baxon and giant Woozle (Pooh).


She is still a crazy picky eater – in her perfect world she would live off of toast, crackers and milk. Though food is a little more attractive when Daddy’s eating it. She recently decided that she likes ice cream and cupcakes which will make birthdays more fun!


She’s in a really great cleaning up phase. Sometimes it’s a little much when I can’t move the trash can to a different place in the bathroom, but she is really helpful most of the time.


We tried taking the binky away. She was pretty obedient – she didn’t ask for it after the first day. But she would cry and cry because she couldn’t fall asleep. We’d go in and she would just tell us to leave and close the door. We lost our resolve on the 5th night at 4am (she’d woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep). And then potty training became more urgent. We are on our third try with that and I believe we have gone past the point of no return. Man we are sounding wishy washy! But we’ve been trying to test the waters and make sure we’re doing what’s best for her. We have not attempted a big girl bed. She climbed out of her crib twice – when she was sick and when we had taken the binky away. So we just pushed the queen bed up next to it so she can climb out safely. Which she doesn’t do until I come in to get her. She loves her bed and everyone’s ok with the current situation. It’s actually really nice for my back that she can get in and out by herself! She still “sleeps” 15 hours a day, though we’re pretty sure it takes her at least an hour to fall asleep at night and some days I don’t think she actually sleeps a lot during her nap. Since we gave the binky back she’s been particularly quiet and I just have to check on her when I think she’s been in there long enough.


I put together my videos of her from the past two months or so to show her personality a little bit. Though of course I don’t catch the best stuff. She’s been improving on pronouns and correct verb tense lately. She likes to talk about opposites (big/small, open/shut, on/off) but often gets them wrong. She also likes to talk about sounds and what everyone likes/doesn’t like. I talk to myself a lot, and she’s started asking me what’s wrong. I can’t wait until she can accurately articulate a response to “what’s wrong?” When she’s trying to understand something she talks about it over and over (which I love!). Tonight it was “big girls don’t scream in the bath.”

And I’m cutting myself off! That’s a little bit of Kylie at 2 1/2!

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  1. She is so adorable. She looks like such a big girl. I loved reading this to look ahead to the stage Elin is quickly approaching.